of a sole authorised distributor in Vietnam for following trademarks ENPOS, WIKA, HASKEL, BUTECH … Specialized in supplying hydraulic tools and machines for manufacturing and reparing with high quality, reliable and long life in using time.goods to be supplied by Korea factory
-Delivery in timeline
-Best quality commodity with lowest price
-Consulting and supporting for project.

For more information, please feel free to contact:
Mr: Thanh Nguyen Tien 0908.714670 / 0936.889066

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Suplying all Enpos hydraulic tools in the North of Vietnam

- Hydraulic lifter / jack
- Hydraulic Hand pump
- Hydraulic Electric pump
- Toe Jack
- Pulling jack
- Hydraulic Punch
- Pipe Bender
- Angle & Wire Cutter
- Flange Spreader
- Hydraulic cutting tools
- Crimping Tools
- Shop Press
- Block Lifter
- Jack up system
Direct contact
Hotline: 0936.889066 – 0908.714670 - Mr. Tien